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Bob Erickson
VP of Dealer Performance

Kathleen Finn
Dealer Principal

Kathy has been in the auto industry for 32 years, 18 years with auto manufacturers, and 14 years on the dealership side of the business. Her main goal at Buick GMC is to maintain a phenomenal working environment for the Mahwah team - the team, in turn, providing an exceptional experience for its customers. Kathy is a native New Yorker and enjoys sailing and skiing with her husband.


Sales Department

Scott Corbett
General Sales Manager

Everton Sterling
Sales Manager

Everton has been in the auto industry for four years, formerly serving as a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, traveling worldwide. At Buick GMC of Mahwah, Everton's primary goal is to create a healthy and stable working environment for the entire Mahwah team. By leading and instilling best sales practices, he creates a stronger and dependable sales staff, ultimately providing an exceptional buying experience for his customers. Everton is a native New Yorker and enjoys making music and traveling.

Nicky Qureshi
F&I Manager

Ashley Marrano
Sales Professional

Following years in the restaurant industry, Ashley transitioned into automotive here at Buick GMC of Mahwah. Over the past two years, she has mastered the complete General Motors product line. Each day she looks forward to the opportunity to assist numerous customers and provide excellent customer service, always embracing the highest level of professionalism. Ashley is a native New Yorker and loves to spend time with her dogs, Rocky and Charlie.

Patrick Helmer
Sales Professional

Patrick has been in the auto industry for 16 years. He began his career with Toyota Motor Corporation and has an excellent working knowledge of the sales process. He continually strives for top-of-the-line customer service. Patrick is from New Jersey and enjoys travel, hiking, fishing, and raising his new puppy, "Coco Chanel."

Hugh Middleton
Sales Professional

Hugh has been an automotive sales professional for over six years. After a 25-year career in the financial services industry, he wanted to do something different - but stay with sales. Being an avid car enthusiast, he now uses his knowledge and focuses his energy in a field he loves. Hugh is a native Canadian who resides in Bergen County and enjoys cycling and ice hockey with his family.

Sean Abbott
Sales Professional

Yakima Chavers
Sales Professional

Edvard Cantave
Sales Professional

Gonzolo Freire
Sales Professional

Mike Diaz
Sales Professional


Service Department

Paul Vasquez
Service Manager

Paul has been in the auto industry for eleven years; his success attributed to his extensive experience with the BMW and GMC brands. At Buick GMC of Mahwah, he came on board as a service valet and quickly advanced to his current role as the dealership's service manager. Paul offers the Mahwah team an outstanding work environment, ultimately providing an exceptional experience for his customers and contributing to the dealership's positive culture. Paul loves spending time with his family - his lovely wife and daughter - as well as going to watch his New York Jets play football.

Luis Minaya
Service Advisor

Ashley Cooper
Service Advisor

Ashley Cooper has been in the automotive industry since 2017. She enjoys building computers, playing video games, crafting, and working on her classic cars.

Justin Rodriguez
Service Advisor

Justin Rodriguez has been in the auto industry for two years. His primary goal is to make customers feel welcome and at home. He is happy to be part of the Buick GMC of Mahwah because everyone is family here. When Justin is not working, he likes to go swimming, skiing, and hiking.

Tiffany Johnson
Assistant Service Advisor

Stanley Gearhart

Thomas Frank
Service Technician

Frank Castaldo
Service Technician

John Distefano
GM World Class Master Technician

William MacDonald
Service Diesel Technician

Vince Orsino
Service Transmission Technician

Vince Orsino has been in the auto industry since 1987, successfully working his way up from his first gas station server job to his current role as a highly-qualified Buick GMC service transmission technician. He has thrived throughout the years and continues to put smiles on customers' faces. In his free time, Vince enjoys dining at restaurants he has not yet tried.

Jose Vince Ilagan

Matt Crosby
Service Technician

Alvaro Vega
Service Technician

Dennis Carrera
Service Technician


Parts Department

Vincent Gerardo
Parts Manager

Vincent has been in the automotive industry for 20 years, spending time in and gathering in-depth knowledge of all dealership departments. This fantastic journey has led him to his current role of running the parts department here at Buick GMC of Mahwah. Vincent is dedicated to customer service and helping anywhere assistance is needed. His time outside of work is spent with his two children.

John Rodriguez
Parts Advisor

John Rodriguez has been in the auto industry for seven years. Launching his career as an automotive service valet, he soon moved on to the parts department. John loves finding solutions to customers' problems. In his free time, he likes going out with friends and playing baseball.



Maura Kelly


Valet Department

Sam Maldonado

Kasi Dubois